Torrents Time for Publishers

Torrents Time is a one of a kind fully customizable bittorrent client, advanced video player and downloads manager which is installed directly on the browser and enables you to offer a unique, amazing and one of a kind experience to your websites' visitors. We designed Torrents Time to fully support and enhance the needs of users on video streaming, downloads and torrents websites, while taking into consideration the needs and wants of those site owners to maximize the value they can gain from embedding our solution on their website.


Increase Engagment

By harnessing the incredible abilities of torrents, you can transform your website, in a matter of seconds to an amazing, simple to use streaming website! And by doing so, you will expose your website to new user segments, while massively increasing time on site and the number of user interactions on your website. This will result in an immediate, natural drop in your bounce rate and will greatly improve SEO and even your social traffic!

Generate Revenue

The downloads, streaming and torrents website, for which Torrents Time was developed, enjoy unprecedented loyalty and love from their online users.

With Torrents Time you'll be able to, for the first time, generate more revenue than with any other monetization company while putting a stop to annoying ads and other obtrusive monetization attempts that disturb your users and hurt their user experience!

Torrents Time as a monetization solution allows you to start nourishing a great relationship with your users where you profit, among other things, from subscriptions to VPN services, which is truly essential to your users. Your users on the other hand, can show their love and appreciation for everything you're doing for them by using these services which they need.

Yes, this can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Easy Integration

These are the only lines of code that you need
in order to embbed Torrents Time on your website.
You can also use an iframe or direct links.
Please visit our Github to get started!

Save Bandwidth Cost

Embedding Torrents Time on your website will enable you to stream your video files and to serve your downloadable files as torrents, thus allowing your users to enjoy the same type of usage in your website, just in p2p form inside the browser! This will not only save you a great deal on bandwidth cost, but will also greatly enhance your users' experience!

No Dirty Tricks

Lately we've been witnessing a dramatic and ongoing erosion in download, streaming and torrents websites profit.

Advertisers and Ad Networks see your websites' inventory as less valuable or even not creditable and you're cornered into working with creepy monetization companies just to keep generating revenue. This deeply hurts your precious website and your even more precious and loyal users. We say – NO MORE!

We're starting a revolution in a field that has never been revolutionized before - the way download, streaming and torrents websites monetize their traffic!

With Torrents Time you'll be able to generate more revenue than with any PPI company or ad network, while maintaining a great, worthy relationship with your awesome users.

Ad Servers Integration

Coming soon.